Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cook Book

This month's book club has a little twist (of lime? or lemon?) Jenn Clark is hosting a book club/supper club at her home on Tuesday, April 1st (watch out, it is April Fool's Day!) at 7:45 pm. What do you need to do? You need to find a cookbook (new one or old fave), find a recipe, make it on Tuesday, and bring it to share. Jenn will provide pencils and recipe cards for jotting down the ones you LOVE....Oh, and don't forget to bring your cookbook to share too! We have missed some of you the last couple of months and would love to see you again. Please come.

The Other Boelyn Girl

We went to the movie. The Hollywood version of this great book. I'd say it was a disappointment. Most of us seemed entertained enough, but the movie just didn't do the book justice. I think that they used about 100 pages of the book per scene and took much artistic license in most of those scenes. The movie failed to capture the strong bond and relationship between Henry and Katherine of Aragon, it lacked the trust and friendship found between Henry and Mary and it brutalized the relationship between Henry and Anne. If only the filmmaker would have followed the book more closely, if only Miss Gregory would have played a larger role (and insisted on better detailing)...if only....