Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Red Tenting and Such

Book club was delightful. We had a small group of seven, poised on pillows on top of Susan's red rug. We had an amazing spread of treats to pick from and cold water to wash it down (the chocolate caramels were especially good). We even received a parting gift of bangles and a maxi...funny. Conversation ranged from waxing to historical fiction, from hand made birds to our mission in life. It was so nice to be around women, friends, sisters.

Food, food and more food. Thank you Susan, for attention to detail and thoughtfulness to the theme of the book! So nice.

Bangles and a maxi...what more do you need?

Start reading The Other Boelyn's a long one and you need to begin ASAP if you want to finish it before the March meeting, which will be hosted by Emily. More details to come on that and Jenn's Cookbook Challenge very soon!